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What Are Cookies?

Cookies are small files that websites visited by users send to their terminal (pc, tablet, smart phone, etc.). The files are stored on the user’s terminal and then re-transmitted to the same websites that sent them on the user’s next visit.

Types Of Cookies

The cookies used on this website are of the following types:

Technical cookies: these allow the user to enjoy fast browsing of the website and an efficient use of the services and different options offered, by allowing the user to make a purchase and to log on to restricted areas. These cookies can be disabled.

Analytic cookies: these are anonymous and aggregate analytic tools which facilitate website access by the user. These cookies can be disabled.

Profiling cookies: these cookies aim at creating single user profiles to send advertisement messages in line with the preferences shown by the user during navigation. Each time a user returns to the website, information is collected on tastes, habits, preferred products, etc. These cookies can be disabled.

Third party cookies: these cookies are installed on the user’s terminal by third party website operators through this website. These cookies are mainly used for analytical purposes and derive mostly from Google Analytics functions. To disable these cookies and prevent Google Analytics from collecting navigation data, click on the following link to download the browser’s addon to disable Google Analytics.

We also inform users that at any time they may freely configure their privacy settings concerning the installation and use of cookies, directly in their browser, following the relative instructions.

Please note that if you decide to disable all cookies (included technical cookies), the quality and speed of the services offered on this website could be drastically reduced and you may not be able to access some website sections and functions.

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